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July 31, 2021

Online Casino Bonus without deposit

In the last few years, more and more people have started to play in online casinos. While gambling and casinos go back to the 16th century, the age of the internet has shaped gambling dramatically. Casinos used to be places that only the richest could afford, places that were more or less the peak of wealth. Gambling with money in an expensive and glamourous hotel was definitely not something for everybody. 

After more public and simple casinos started to open also slot machines could be found in any kind of small bar or shop. It didn’t take long for the gambling world to find its own place when the internet started to shape the world. Nowadays there are thousands of different online casino pages, apps and games for tablets and phones and games are available every minute from any place.

In the times of the global corona pandemic, many frequented places like bars and casinos were shut down. In order to avoid the spreading of the virus, restrictions were set, lockdowns were launched and people all around the world were stuck at their houses. In search of distraction and entertainment at home, many have turned to online casinos to enjoy the great number of games and eventually win some money. In the last few years, many different casino online gambling websites have popped up everywhere on the internet. Not all of the providers are safe and fair though. Many pages are full of advertisements and hidden costs. Ending up on such a  page can result in big disappointments and even the unnecessary loss of money. It is important to get informed about the different providers and read guides and reviews like the Casino.Guide in order to find the best online casino providers. 

But often reading reviews may not be enough to be prepared to gamble with your own money. As nobody wants to have extra costs and certainly tries to avoid fraud the simple question arises how to identify a reliable online casino nowadays. We have brought together the facts for you to know in order to find the best online casino platform.

Key facts:

  • Casinos have evolved and online gambling became extremely popular
  • Many new games and apps enter the market every day
  • It is important to pay attention to certain things in order to find the best online casino
    • Read reviews and get an overview
    • Keep an eye out for licenced providers
    • Choose the best payment option
    • Watch out for the best bonuses

Get an overview first 

It is important for people who are new to the online gambling world to get an overview and gather information about the different providers. Reading reviews can help a lot to find the best websites and avoid making bad experiences. Additionally, it can be good to communicate with other users to find out about their experiences. As the internet provides vast international communities, it is really not necessary to make others ‘ mistakes again. 

There are many good ways to learn from others and read about their experiences on the internet. Most of the online casinos have been reviewed already which gives you the opportunity to scroll through the sites and find out about the casino’s ratings. 

A good review should provide you with clear information about the site as well as the pros and cons of the casino. It is important to read more than one review before making a decision. If all reviews are positive and show the casino as a legit and fair place, you may proceed. 

Still, you should keep in mind that a positive review does not generally assure you of fun and a good time while gambling. So do your research and make decisions wisely, it doesn’t harm to take some time and read a lot before deciding.

Watch this video to learn more about how to play casino games like Roulette:

Watch out for licensed casinos

To avoid registering to an online casino that is not perfectly safe, you should definitely go for online casinos with official licenses. There are lots of different standards online casinos need to abide by. Those standards obviously change from country to country.

In the United Kingdom, for example, the UK Gambling Commission is the institution that controls and regulates all gambling inclusive online casinos and holds them to a certain standard. The task of the UK Gambling Commission is, next to regulating the taxes, to protect the users from fraud and ensure a secure and fair game. In Malta, it is the Malta Gaming Association that controls and regulates gambling, also online. Before registering to any online casino you should definitely check whether it is regulated.

If you can not find any sign of regulation you should certainly avoid it. Many online casino providers may not be located in your country, often just in order to avoid regulations and being able to operate on an unregulated and often illegal level. 

Find the best payment option

As we gamble with our own savings it is extremely important to look also for the right payment option after checking all the steps. Once you found a good provider and registered to the website you must fill your wallet in order to start playing. 

As most online casinos offer different payment methods, you should look for the option that fits you the best. Of course, the best option is the most secure one, Paypal or a trustful bank may be the right choice as they could assure you to get back your money in the worst-case scenario of a fraud. 

Many casinos offer additionally the option to pay with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Other common payment methods across most online casinos are Credit Cards, eWallet, Xpress, eCheck, EcoCard, NETeller, Moneybookers, AMEX, Click2pay. Also here make sure to read and inform yourself before choosing the right option.

Look out for Fair Bonuses

A good sign for a legit and serious online casino is the offer of welcome bonuses or coupons to newcomers. The bonuses could be in the form of match deposits or free spins and are meant to attract new customers but may also stand for quality. Also here it is important to get informed well. As every casino has its own rules you may read the regulations precisely. Sometimes high requirements and targets are set by the websites for the newcomers to achieve until they will get their free bonuses. Here again, Reviews help! Reading about others experiences helps to get informed about the fairness and efficiency of those bonuses. Generally, it is also important to read and inform oneself before registering to a website to avoid disappointments.

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