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August 14, 2023

Get Cheez-It Crackers for 35¢

If you’re a savvy shopper and love Cheez-It Crackers, this coupon is for you. I’m always on the lookout for ways to save, and I’ve got some great news for you. This week, you can snag a box of Cheez-It Crackers for a mere 35 cents, thanks to a fantastic deal at Food Basics. With this step-by-step guide, I’ll walk you through the process of obtaining and using the Cheez-It coupon, so you can savor your favorite crackers without breaking the bank.

Cheez-It Crackers are being advertised at Food Basics Ontario, for the unbeatable price of $1.85 this week. In order to get this Cheez-It cracker deal, you are going to need a coupon. No worries, I’ve linked it below. When you click on the provided link, you’ll be taken to our post about the latest Kellogg’s Shop and Save portal. This is where your golden ticket to savings awaits. What are we talking about? A $1.50 coupon that you can use towards your Cheez-It purchase. With this coupon in hand, your final tally will shrink to a mere 35 cents for a box of these delectable crackers.

Armed with your printable $1.50 coupon, you’re now ready to hit the checkout aisle. Present your coupon to the cashier, and watch as the price of the Cheez-It Crackers shrinks to pocket-change proportions. This coupon is your passport to snacking satisfaction without the hefty price tag.

Keep your eyes peeled for a little extra savings boost. You might stumble upon tear pad coupons while browsing the aisles of your local stores. These coupons, offering the same $1.50 discount, were recently spotted in stores and could provide an extra opportunity to save.

What if I don’t live near Food Basics?

What if you’re unable to use your printable coupon at Food Basics? No worries! You can still score fantastic savings by price-matching at other stores such as No Frills, Superstore, or Freshco. Use the flyer from Food Basics to show the discounted price and enjoy your Cheez-It Crackers without the guilt of overspending. You can also check the flipp app to see where they are on sale near you!

For those who are part of the PC Optimum rewards program, there’s an even more delightful surprise in store. If you have a PC Optimum offer of 200 points per $1 spent on Cheez-It Crackers, pairing it with the $1.50 coupon could result in a truly unbeatable deal – your Cheez-Its could be completely free!

Remember to act quickly, as this offer is only valid until Wednesday of this week. So, why wait? Let the savings begin!

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