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Practically Free Crafts To Try at Home

December 1, 2016, BY

Crafting can become a costly hobby, especially when you're making regular trips to the arts and supply store. Here are some ideas for things you can craft using supplies you find around your home.

Stone Footprints
If you're at the cottage in the summer, take a look at the stones beneath your feet. Track down 6 stones that you can use to make adorable footprints! You can craft them into paperweights, wall decor or attach them to the dock for you to enjoy all summer long.

Mini Snow Globe Ornaments
With a clear plastic shot glass, a cork, plastic figure and a couple of odds and ends, you can make the perfect ornament to go on your Christmas tree.

Felt DIY Coffee Cozy
Goodbye disposable paper sleeves, hello earth-friendly coffee cozy! With some felt, an old hair tire and buttons, you can create a functional and cute craft. Whether you want it to keep your hands cool or are gifting it to a loved one, this is a fun craft to complete.

Paint Stick Lampshade
Do you have some old paint sticks left over from your last project? Collect these free sticks from your local home supply store and make a cool lampshade that will add a unique touch to any room.

Remote Book
Have your remote hang out in a location that isn't an eyesore. Grab an old book and create a secret location that can be easily hidden from guests (and the kids!).

DIY Fairy Door
Grab some left over craft sticks, or collect some Popsicle sticks from your summer treat and create this fascinating fairy door for your garden. Create a simple wooden door and decorate it with a pushpin for a doorknob. Guaranteed to draw the attention of little ones that come over to visit.

Rustic Salt & Pepper Shakers
Do you have a couple of mason jars hanging around? Turn them into a fun craft that is also practical! Make a pair of Salt and Pepper shakers with just a couple of supplies.

Let It Snow Sign
Get creative for the holiday season with a cute piece of art. Make a twig snowflake with branches you find in your yard to add a personal (and free!) touch to your display.

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