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What is a Match-Up?

November 1, 2016, BY

Match-Ups You may see posts in the Coupon section on referred to as a match-up and wonder what a match-up actually is? A match-up is where you can match an in-store sale or promotion to a mail, printable or online coupon to get an amazing deal. Each week we post match-ups of brand name products on household and grocery items. This can be anything from a match-up on body wash to a match-up of canned beans. Stay tuned for these unique deals, because with them you can save a lot of money on grocery bill.

Match-Ups usually look like this: $2.98 sale, use a $1.50 printable coupon and pay only $1.48. Claim an additional $1 back on Checkout51 and pay only 48¢

A lot of our match-ups involve the use of Checkout51 to get the best deal possible, so make sure you take a moment to sign up and start saving.

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