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Curb Your Kid’s Screen Time

February 5, 2019, BY

Are Your Kids Attached To Their Devices?

Are you kids addicted to their mobile devices? Do you have a hard time curbing their screen time? Don't worry: because you aren't alone. Whether it's an iPad, iPhone, laptop, and anything in between, plenty of parents struggle with how much time to allow their kids on their devices, and what to do when their kids seem to be constantly on online. Many parents think its best to emphasize that screen time is a privilege and not a right. So when your kids have behaved, completed their chores, and done other activities (like reading and playing outside) they can be rewarded with some screen time.

Screen Time Checklists

We've developed this chart with daily tasks children must complete before having any screen time.
screen time chart
This chart is only one example of the many different charts for screen time, and this one is rather basic. The following chart is a more comprehensive example and even outlines screen time guidelines for mornings, after school, and weekends.
screen time checklist 2
Source: Kids On The Coast
Did you like these checklists? Be sure to share them with any other parents you may know who would be interested in these tactics.

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