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Similac Club Samples and More

December 24, 2018, BY

What Is Similac?

Similac is one of Canada’s most popular baby formula brands. Similac makes formula for newborn babies, toddlers, and even nutritional drinks for mothers.

What Kinds of Formula Does Similac Make?

Similac has different products for infants aged 0 months to 36 months. Each product is specifically designed to help each child throughout their stages of growth and development. They also produce products for specific dietary needs or health concerns. For example, there are formulas for babies born prematurely, fussy babies, babies with food allergies, and more. But their products aren’t just for infants. Similac also makes a meal replacement drink for mothers to provide complete balanced nutrition to breastfeeding moms.

What is Similac Club?

Similac Club Canada is Similac’s loyalty program for their customers. Customers can sign up to get exclusive coupons, offers, information, and best of all: free samples.  

What Does My Membership Get Me?

Joining the Similac baby club definitely has some great benefits for parents and infants alike. The most exciting is that you’ll get $175 in free gifts upon signing up. These free gifts include free samples, coupons, product rebate offers, and valuable support and advice on feeding your baby.  

You’ll receive free samples and coupons by mail as well as exclusive offers to your email inbox.

How Do I Sign Up?

Registering for the club is super simple, and you can sign up here.

You simply need to fill in your shipping and contact information on the registration form. You’ll also need to provide your baby’s due date or birthdate so that Similac can tailor your offers based on your child’s age.  

If you’ve seen our post on Ensure Club, you’ll know that Similac is also related to other brands Ensure, PediaSure, Pedialyte, and Glucerna. Once you've filled in your contact information on the registration form, you can also check a box to sign up for coupons and exclusive offers from these brands as well.

Are There Other Programs Similar to Similac Club?

Yes! Similac Club is one of many great rewards programs for new parents and parents to be. Other popular baby brands with programs include Huggies, Nestle, and Enfamil.

But that’s just the beginning. Check out a more complete list of loyalty programs that give out free baby samples here.

How Do We Rate This Program?

Our Rating: 4/5

Why this rating?

From our perspective, Similac Club is a great rewards program for both new parents and infants. First, getting $175 in free gifts upon signing up is a great offer. You get free samples and coupons right after joining, which is awesome. As members know, we think free is always best! We also like that Similac sends helpful nutritional information for parents. Especially since becoming a new parent is full of challenges and questions. The more information new parents can get the better!

The bottom line: we think any parents feeding their infants formula would benefit significantly from joining this program.

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