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How To Save Money: Super Easy Tips

January 1, 2019, BY

Is saving money on of your resolutions for 2019? Whether you've made this resolution or not, the first few weeks after the holidays can be a real wake up call to your bank account. Recover from that holiday spending and start 2019 on the right food with these super easy money saving tips.

Here at, we're super frugal, that's why we always posting the best free samples, coupons, sales, and contests in Canada. Our day to day lives can get so expensive, especially when we have families to support. It can be difficult to save money for your household expenses and financial goals. We want to spread the benefits of frugal living to people across Canada! So, we've created our list of easy, and realistic tips on how to save money. Check out the list and start saving today!

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  • Pack Your Lunch: Stop buying your lunch! Trust us, you'll save much more money by packing your lunch ahead of time. Seriously, it may seem small but buying your lunch every day gets super expensive. Say you spend $10 a day on lunch, that's $50 a week, and $200 a month! A great tip is to make extra portions at dinner and use the leftovers for your lunch the next day.
  • Join Loyalty Programs: This is one of the easiest tricks to save money. If you're going out for dinner or to the movies, join the company's loyalty program for immediate freebies. For example, East Side Mario's and gives you free appetizers right away for joining their loyalty programs! Check other articles we posted on free birthday stuff and free food you get for joining loyalty programs.
  • Make a Monthly Budget: This is a tip I use all the time! Make a monthly budget with all your expenses (fixed and variable) and plug in the numbers. These expenses include housing, utilities, insurance, groceries, gas, savings, and more. Be sure to budget for fun activities, as well.
  • Give Yourself an "Allowance": Allowances aren't just for kids! Once your budget is done, you'll be able to give yourself a daily "allowance" of what you can spend while still having money to cover your expenses/savings.
  • Use Cash: Tapping and swiping the plastic is so convenient you often forget it represents actual money. When you pay with cash, you actually see the money leaving your hands. Giving yourself your daily "allowance" in cash can make a huge difference.
  • Treat Yourself Within Reason: If you want a new outfit or hot new toy, don't completely deprive yourself. But treat yourself to new things within reason. It's a great bonus if what you want to buy is already on sale, and if it isn't, be sure to include it in your budget and realize you may need to save up your allowance for a few days to buy what you want.
  • Don't Be Fooled By "Deals": Do you ever find yourself buying a shirt because it's super crazy cheap? But then that same shirt sits in your closet with the tags on for 6 months? Items on promotion are not worth purchasing if it isn't something you actually want or need. Same goes for products at the grocery store! You are not saving money if you are buying something you would not normally purchase.
  • Plan Your Meals: Grocery shopping can get so expensive. Take your grocery list to the next level and plan your meals for the entire week before you hit the store. Pick meals based on ingredients you can buy and use throughout the entire week. Not only will you save money, but it will stop you from wasting food.
  • Use a Piggy Bank: Like allowances, piggy banks are another childhood money saving tip we should all use as adults. Whether you use a jar or real piggy bank, start setting aside money and change every week that you can use for a future expense. After a few months of saving, you'll be amazed at how much cash you'll have saved. You can put that money towards a major household expense, unexpected expenses like car repairs, a big trip, holiday purchases, and everything in between.
  • Sleep On It: If you see something you really want, sleep on it before you commit. It's easy to get excited/influenced in the moment, and no one wants to get buyer's remorse. Whether it's something small like a dress or something large like a car or vacation, take some time to make your decision.
Do you have any other great money saving tips? Share them in the comments section!

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